Whitening cosmetic


Teeth whitening is a cosmetic and conservative procedure to remove stains from the enamel and dentin. It is a simple, quick and painless non-invasive procedure that gives a positive result.

The main component of tooth whitening is carbamide peroxide. This comes in syringes and applied splints on individualized and made ​​in our laboratory. It is very important that these splints are well adapted to the tooth surface to get the maximum amount of product so as not to damage the gums, and you should not touching them.

A minimum amount of applied splints and takes mouth, immediately enters the product into the tooth passing on the first layer which is transparent (enamel) thus reaching the second layer, the dentin, and causing deeper color tooth. It is in this layer where pigment ingested throughout our lives, such as carbonated drinks, colas, orange, lemon, coffee, tea, food coloring, snuff, etc. accumulate.

Being closely linked to the living tissue of the tooth, nerve, artery and vein, can cause hypersensitivity by misuse of the product. Therefore, before the completion of the whitening, give a dose of desensitizing paste and recommend a line of desensitizing products for at least one week before the start of treatment, this means that the dentinal tubules of this layer of the tooth is sealed preventing the entry product to a deeper layer of the tooth.


The duration of treatment may vary from 10 days to 30 days, depending on the initial color of the tooth. During this time the patient has to avoid very cold or hot foods, and coloring substances, or which may stain the teeth, to favor the action of the product.

Upon completion of the session is applied to the gum paste with aloe vera which promotes regeneration by excessive mucous and excess use of the product that has been in contact with the gum. Finally, note that the duration of effect on the tooth can vary from 6 months to three years, depending on the patient’s habits. After this time we can acquire loose syringes product and make 2 or 3 nights recall and return the original white color.


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