The generally conservative and restorative dentistry, deals with problems caused by tooth decay. It allows us to prevent, stop and cure tooth decay at all stages, from very small cavities, which lead to further destruction of tooth structure.

Restorative dentistry encompasses a large number of treatments and possibilities for restoration techniques and materials.

General dentistry apart from caries, also deals with dental alterations caused by trauma and disturbances in dental development, with the ultimate goal to save the tooth treated retaining its functionality and aesthetics.

Oral cleanliness

Thanks to dental hygiene we can remove tartar above the gum, but despite having a proper daily dental hygiene, over time plaque and tartar can build up on the gums and they become red and inflamed, with necessary to perform a dental cleaning by the dentist. Currently in queries from deep cleanings dental ultrasound, which provide excellent results and not scratched or damaged tooth are made.

Dental Fillings

Filling film

The dental fillings, or dental filling, as commonly referred to this treatment is a treatment aimed at eliminating cavities in their early stages, while still not affect the pulp of the tooth. Today occur composite, since the development of this material has been favorable and provide functionality of the tooth and restores the natural aesthetics of the tooth.

A treatment can prevent filling a cavity grows and thus prevent further dental complications.



The dental inlays are posterior restorations (premolars and molars especially) when they have a moderate, severe caries, or when cracks or fractures are not requiring the use of a dental crown. The most common materials are composite and dental porcelain cerómeros as Artglass.

Currently, dental inlays> are often used to replace silver amalgam empastesantiguos to give a more natural tooth or to restore teeth with large cavities appearance.


Endodontics film

When decay is extensive and the infection reaches the nerve, it is contaminated with bacteria and should be cleaned and refilled again to restore health. This is precisely the root canal, the removal of diseased pulp tissue inside the tooth roots to keep the part and restore its health.

Endodontics avoids the need to extract teeth, restoring the tooth health and masticatory function and esthetics.

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